Expansion of consciousness, [Part-1]

Human has been constrained by
 biological,social issues and having existence  in which more than half time is lost in darkness  of night,which breaks the momentum .
Average people somehow sometimes gathers confidence and concentration with right spirit to accomplish/expand something but that that is shattered by regular compulsory breaks in the form of night etc ,the next morning much sheen is lost and doubts starts to lurk from inside and also outside forces bent to destabilize it.As it is positively said night is gone the matter is gone,it turns and impact in both directions.
Constant maintaining that high state of expanded consciousness is not easy to for average being as they are prone to plunging into their habitual internal weaknesses that stores fear and lack of constant motivation.
Further human intelligence is constrained by exposure and inherent fear of being more so alone in such large population of his fellow being  thereby constantly pondering and trying to analyse existing and non-existent beings that further confuses path of /journey of expanding consciousness.
Various means for expansion of  consciousness has been attempted by human being ,in earlier era when the noises and pollution were not that high people used to venture into forests,hill to get absolute isolation,where they can concentrate and expand their consciousness  and attempting to understand purpose ,cause and the game  in attempting to understand real self in perfect isolation and harmony with nature ,by burying all distractions.
In modern times urge has hardly subsidized but means has  changed ,now people having access to large pool of knowledge,information attempts googling to synthesize,further time being short and pursuing harder path with success not certain ,some attempting psychedelic means to create hallucination and thereby apparent expansion of consciousness wishing to have some epiphany which may last but individual lasting realization as if is not in the basic programming of this entire being ,as this whole structure is limited to being and living in moment and it is stream of continuous episodes ,where in each episode something newer distraction,confusion ,doubt emerges and warrant/justifies second thought,thereby derailing the whole progress and again meandering near to starting point. 
Present times a distinction between expanding the consciousness and consolidating existing consciousness had been recognized and a host of facilitators offering free to paid service to excel one to its limit to pave way for further expansion beyond limits.Travelling extensively to different parts , adventuring for myriad experiences to let consciousness to expand and refine being also attempted.Thereby it appears that temporary expansion is much in vogue and search going on for  lasting expansion to being experienced.

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