Preaching is great business.

One who can successfully establish their authority to preach get access to money,fame etc,in earlier era one used to get preaching authority from some established school of thoughts and after becoming discipline of established GURU.
Now newer form of saints have emerged to take care of newer generation who do not wish to follow traditional saints. ,further new breed of self proclaimed saints are more attuned to address issue of present days without traditional robes and restrictions.
Self help by its meaning itself means to help self ,otherwise also self could be helped by self how much other could facilitate it.
It could be point of debate that how much effective preaching is to one ,but when combined with show ,schedule,gathering,cost etc some effectiveness naturally emerge with advantages arising from outdoor location,interaction and other niceties.
But some basic question remains unanswered like who donned the mantle to preacher to gain authority,certainly merely knowledge,qualification is hardly much criteria ,as much more able person are there but they do not get this coveted distinction ,it is luck,vocal qualities and brand building that sounds like manipulating .
Now what is empirical evidence of benefits of such preaching,it has become an industry for befooling with nice words .
In that context there could be some mechanism to control and monitor preachers of high quality,to give them a batch and frequent congregation of them for open debate between preachers on the most suitable path and to identify impediment that blocks the benefits of preaching to recipient.

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