Hollowness at core..

When the structure is built on a foundation of which very core is weak,the structure may remain always shaky,even some inputs to stabilize cant last for few precise moments and that shaking ruins the structure gradually .
The structure starts developing cracks and foundation in tatters ,in such hollowness awaiting that great fateful day when one will get relieved off facing arrows of whiff,so hollow is the core that even whiffs from here and there penetrate deep to shake the state of being ,the ivory tower of isolated dwelling bereft of noise and intrusion commingle with few fairy tales to materalize/sustain illusion could be for few.
All effort toward a stable stability are attempted vigorously,great intelligence is applied,motivational quotes,leadership manual and various audio ,video,podcast facilitating  it.
The amazing Earth,dusk and dawn and it’s fragrance,wild barren surrounding or the. rustic feelings swinging in air, is there to melt that sadness and lacking vividness,further humanity has added numerous colors with technology,art and culture to make this Earth/world more beautiful and better and better product to submerge human senses.
Yet all natural or artificial additives  enlighten the extinguishing light ,trying to give it a new vibrancy but with few occasional skirmishes with color and sound extravaganza return again to its core of hollowness.
The core is hollow ,why so ,can’t grasp and nothing fills it with any satisfaction therefore even at height of engagement a strange weird sense of no sense prevails,all senses are lost and one has lost self and it not excited in any surrounding or events and neither feel any emotions on most sorry state of affairs.
As if can’t belong to ones existence and nor to existence of forces facilitating this wonderful experience.It unearth in parts and phases ,the story develops gradually and hardly understand till end and countervailing forces pulling in different direction ,the one who gets the feeling of ownership of self and surrounding settles in this playful field ,lest rest wandering in wilderness of extreme bouts where sometimes looks surrounded by walls of frustration of being and even unable to ponder on any state of being as if being in no state ,a hollowness all around ,no depth,no width nothing lighting it ,deeply submerge in grey not even dark darkness to darken one.

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