Stable enough base.

The human have been endowed with extraordinary intelligence,exemplary memory and capacity to visualize,the events in life permeates down deep in conscious and unconscious memory and suffering for past or what may happen in future,which clearly illustrates that phenomenal capacity of memory/imagination  is adding to /causing suffering which are not in present.
To know how to handle cerebral capacity which is causing so distress to individuals and society ,it appears that it has not been hoisted on Stable Enough Base that could be suitable for this intelligence and mental capacity.
Now science is reported to attempting some basic errors on structure to make it suitable to plug those basic faults,the life span had been to short to draw conclusions and attain a level of stability ,just child starts to play and youth is there and just try to enjoy youth old age and physical and mental deterioration starts and further this structure is mired in needs physical,emotional,social etc ,now attempts to increase life span to understand life and explore that intelligence without silhouettes of compulsive urges of short span.
Other form of being who are not endowed with such high intellect power are as if given commensurate to their structure,animals etc do not have such high intelligence at same time have low sense,lower pain and sufferings further mental suffering caused by ego,emotion,culture,belonging etc are too low and may be just one time issue,not nurturing it for whole life,sometime it is said that human life is most advanced state of living being and human avtar is precious,on the contrary other living being appeared to much better placed emotionally ,physically with lower sense of suffering and pain. and lower senses to feel pain,excitement,enjoyment,taste,pleasure etc.

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