Each opinion tries to slice question.

Each opinion tries and tries to slice the question in slightly different way,so is said that WORDS do not express thoughts very well ,they always become a little different immediately after they are expressed ,a little distorted,a little foolish .
In debates on issues of importance or stimulating debates to incarnate issues of importance to meet varied objectives for ex-to derail a advantage to other on his otherwise wise move,gaining relevance to one who was about to penetrate deep in oblivion .
Its that anomaly that sometimes derails structural reforms in democratic set-up,each opinion directly or indirectly related to issue creates another independent  domain for discussion thereby hurting core issue deliberation done advertently or inadvertently.
When there is some burning debate on some issues raising the senses of masses ,then virtual media etc provides/enables every ordinary being the privilege to participate on various equal footing  and tons of opinion slicing questions forms their sub-set of questions and opinion and debate tends to gets immersed in labyrinth of confusion and uncertainty that tests the real mantle of leaders.
The biases,mental predilection and ones limited knowledge of issue tend to distort issues,majority do not understand,neither have access to full  knowledge/facts of issue  and further human tendency to understand one complete with all wisdom plays its play.
Usually any major decision taken cant please all,benefit all whether on right side or left side,hence same is reflected in their options and their desire to turn the tide of opinion in favor of their argument. 
Further major decision have its inherent share of uncertainty within it as all major decisions are based on present facts and future prediction based on certain trends and variables,which may or may not exactly turn-out in same perfect way as visualize but that is for future to assess and ponder but flood of opinion starts this exercise now and tend to calculate and endorse its different future irrelevance thereby decision making system/process in jeopardy.

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