Trivialities engulfing future.

Turning non-issues into big issues,a small issue or a individual case being turned into a metaphor for reality is fraught with implications beyond apprehension.
Suppose some one has to be elected to a post where policy forming is core task then individuals personnel life or some past boasting is rather insignificant further what is being observed today is that people with complicated analytical skills has taken decision which has vitiated the atmosphere,rather a ordinary man with common sense and simple understanding of issues could prove better,complicated policy forming in which all is tackled indirectly by indirectly and techniques of cold war had served lesser purpose.
Media has big role in selecting headlines ,to highlight the point just consider an example-Suppose there is huge drought in a country and govt tried its best to provide food and employment to masses by its drought relief strategies ,but when crore of people are effected then due to some individual citizens apathy in not being connected in govt scheme or some delinquency at part of some officer two citizen die of hunger then many times its highlighted on front pages to show the govt total failure in tackling drought and all opposition leaders would rush to that aggrieved family home to stay there,eat there and taking interviews of aggrieved family highlighting in papers and news conference ,as if they are made national heros to batter govt and enhance ones election process,.
What is meant to say that some sporadic bad events happens in a big country ,for which head of govt could hardly be blamed,but in poor country as if there is dearth of issues ,more so because masses being illiterate hardly understand and distinguish real issues and usually they are swayed on trivialities and ones perfection in doing so ensures success.
To distinguish between significant and insignificant ,mire so now world is at crux of big changes ,at one side man may colonise universe and on the other end petty old ghost may emerge to believe again , therefore to accept key issues and causes that may mar the future of humanity needs to tackled effectively isolating them with flimsy issues to protect future is need if hour.

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