Jealousy attracted by success or failure.

Some claim that it is success that attracts jealousy ,give a cause to many to feel envy of one,just not being able to accept other in newer role/avtar.
But it appears that merely success is sole fodder for attracting jealousy is not proper,first of all success is a relative term ,what may look success to some may be equivalent to failure to others ,what others may not considering big,but for individual it may be huge success as he alone knows his circumstances,capabilities and issues .
But jealousy is fickle sort of emotion evoked by flimsy issues,it could also be dependent on ones nature to incite /invite jealousy ,there may be many many big fishes but a petty fish may be made a national cause of extravaganza and materialism as if some film star in order to enhance their appeal  give flimsy impression and uttering to cause wide spread jealousy.
It may be ones inertia /naivety of some that they are not able to be involved with people surrounding or to say loners become subject of jealousy despite not deserving it,where as other who deserve jealousy are able to avoid it as they had mass ardent followers and their image creation abilities make them subject of sympathy despite deserving jealousy.
To a weaker person jealous image in surrounding create isolation and evoke sometimes hostile responses leading to further spoiling ones chances to integrate into mainstream systems /surrounding.
It is boon for some and bane for other but individual need to moderate its impact on self as it may lead to wrong interpretation of reality and responses and generating wrong notions about self and others.

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