Education overhaul in tune with human psychology.[Part-1]

It appears strange that even after modern civilization gaining so much momentum,yet remains very basic flaws in its approach to integration,inclusion and creation of homogeneous society with consideration of all round development of humanity ,so as to minimise the suffering.The understanding and misunderstanding about suffering _whether only poor suffer,or rich suffer,ordinary one suffer or powerful/privileged one suffer,and strangely different perception /conception prevails and a rational synthesis is far in offing.
EDUCATION PRIMARY TASK *The focus may vary according to the level of classes I.e primary,secondary,senior secondary,college UG ,PG. etc,but broadly education system task could be summarised as below –
1.Formation of personality.
2.Imparting vocational skills.
3.Forming of view about life.
4.Individual,family,society concepts.
5.Educating irrelevance about history.
6.Economic and business fundamental effecting wealth.
7.Evolution of humanity , spirituality and it’s universal connection.
Individual suffering is solely not linked to possession and it is said that wealth minimise suffering,but the prevalent notion appears somewhat faulty ,better it could be termed as – extreme poverty which is visible in third world countries can certainly enhance suffering,but in other cases mental state of extreme downward  seclusion,direction less fluctuations,mood swings and state of no where,nor belonging to self or surrounding organic or inorganic.
Basically human suffering is linked to individual development, which is impacted by individual evolution,environment,family,society  impact etc.
Yet it could hardly be feasible to create a ideal surrounding for all ,while evolving,so one may minimise suffering,but it is feasible that education system be so evolved that one despite facing headwinds while at any stage at child hood or else can be supplemented with understanding with passing stage of individual evolution ,so that circumstances alone could not cast their evil effects.

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