Systems and subsystems.

Every system has many subsystems within ,so that it achieve irs tasks.And the system is sum total of its sub systems.
A system consist of various complex activities,and it has multiple facets/dimensions and to be successful ,its necessary that all parts{subsystems} perform properly .
Various sub systems joined together to form a larger system to serve some purpose,be it social system or some technical system,all have various smaller system within larger system .
A system has to be resilient,sometimes some of part system may not function smoothly ,to avoid frequent disruption , resilience is inbuilt to avoid collapse and initiate repair.Further system also keeps on evolving with time,need and development in technology/vision etc.
Inherent checks and fault detection has become a major feature in all systems,people with shorter life span has much at stake in perfection,otherwise nature may take care of all aberration committed in longer run.
All systems are propelled by energy in certain time domain,to enter into the larger system of time is not within reach of living being of ordinary /primitive systems.
A systematic approach leads to properly analysing its ingredients to find fault and learn lessons ,rather then indulging in blaming.

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