A story of tiny orphan girl HOSPICE. (Part-2)

The days were passing on ,the life was unfolding at its pace,expectations were not much,and much is left on fate for an average being in utterly conservative ,feudal societies ,where many  form of layers were perpetuated to the ultimate control and benefit of few.
Raje had no much expectations from life ,a stability had somewhat restored ,yet the concerns for having some necessities was unconsciously  built upon,the tiny gifts daily collection of favors were locked/stored in that old suitcase that stores the few belongings ,her properties,few old memories ,old tottered doll of childhood ,few old photographs of her family ,which in reality was no family that was just assortment of people s ,to prolong the might/fate or to just follow that old traditions and to be the consumers/ adherents/workers/slave for their mighty masters.

Raje and her friend Shanti daily sat at mighty complex of temples for grabbing favors.
The nature provides many blossoming even in most parched sphere,as if it has designed its system in such way that it compels one to yearn living despite being in overall desperate position and further the small things,tiny toys of childhood could become matter of big solace albeit in some modified forms.
Around that holy place that has became permanent habitat of Raje was blessed with four seasons with equal galore,rains but particularly winter and mild winter relax even the distractions to slow,to forget the state of state and ply in the warm sunshine and all ambiance praising that warmth that nature warmth percolate in all organic being,further in winter sunshine become more yellowish losing its hawkish stance ,the pinching ,perturbing rays to bodies and taking sheen out of all structures vanishes in winter to its better part.
Now Raje had passed few months ,about a year in that permanent sort of shelter,as all other doors in active world were blocked in tradition,poor societies,where awareness of human rights and concern for basic dignity are mired in corruptions.Corruptions all sort and form are revered and even birth in higher clan was as if manipulated by some ,further when arranging food for two times was all big concerns ,no questions of any comfort and valuables and only reverse flight to sorry state was attempted at cost of other half by indulging in gamble and drinks,solution was only time,generations has gone on this path and that all has to be treadled.
Raje for the first time after being lodged in this place that even lucky one can get thought that some money has been collected and discussed with her friend Shanti about some purchasing,clothes,utensils,stove some consumables etc list was long but means were low,they decided to buy some utensil and stove ,so that a big luxury of preparing hot tea and some food become possible at their place and what a joyful evening it was,when they went to market neatly dressed with such enthusiasm to give a newer turn to their lives.

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