Werewolf’s [Part-3]

They have amazing abilities,appearing all too wonderfully nice,at any golden moment they can change their shape and tenor for tormenting their prey ,they lay in their usual tranquility but disturb the being of other and have no guilt or else and as if presume that it is their sacred duty or empowered for such being by being of ordinary being.
The minefields/trap are much horrendous as they color the surrounding and even when such werewolves are at some other duty or else ,the surrounding structures to prey creates and emit those vibration that keeps on debilitating prey to its nadir.
The structure had basic weakness compounded by physical /environmental etc disability for Anil and werewolves vitiated all surrounding living ones to bark on their prey as if gaining acceptance from all other concerns for the treatment necessitated by their prey.
They are at their usual niceness and their notions lies deep within them as if becomes complete and total,their cause gains their inner sanctity and they keep on watching that golden surrounding full of moonlight in and around their prey ,so they can gleefully change their shape and cause /deliver their arrow to prey to inflict him with all malware,weakness is at core ,but nothing is there devoid of weakness but to gain stability at the expense of another instability is sacred theme of werewolves.
What cookies to be released and what sound containing meaning to be delivered and expression that may yield more harsh periphery and all smoothness,niceness,delicacy are habitually routinely sucked by werewolves ,their only treat.Actual injury on a structure may cause pain but could be repaired and healed somewhat ,but sucking the core of prey as if make the prey deserving and attempting/inviting such recurrences from werewolves repeatedly,where to go,no where welcomed and werewolves are only being welcoming,it generating and satisfying their cause of being without being their mask removed. 

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