Wolf and vampires.Part-2

The w and v are enlightened community,preservation of their self is sacredly supreme and fools are to be carried by carrot and stick ,the guilt no where touches these communities.
Baba carrying on his crusade of creating terror in mind of Anil was just his natural instinct of being.Despite designs from all encircling wolfs and vampires Anil proceeded toward some directions,some lured by his charm ,got delighted but those vampires got much active on slight such hint to create ,resurrect all underlying hell that engulf Anil,so no fruitful,effort,follow-up feasible to get the membership of that regular world .The internal weakness got so pervasive in Anil that he cant resist the sadness of evening,and all free time got absorbed into that black hole.
The wolfs/vampire enjoys all internal /external links to their advantages but always fear that improvement in their prey may derail them from their path of self sustaining wickedness.
At the one hand the feeling of being useless and drowned in utter depressive state cause a sense of permanent submission to ulterior designs and wolves derives great pleasure feeling successful in their attempts and derive their inherent natural pleasure.

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