Spiritual ideology.

It is devoid of ideology ,as it is path towards self fulfillment and contentment ,a journey toward  understanding self and ones relations and co-relations to other living and non-living being .To make ones mind free of crowd so as to view in entirety the causes and consequences of events and impacts on one thereby to gain indifference to differences and to visualize common turf ,which is beneath all visible/invisible,real or imaginary substances.
Spirituality basically relates to understanding self and understanding impacts ,sources of such impacts on oneself to mitigate suffering ,it is path that is to be traversed by individual alone and is to experimented ,explored by self and nothing could merely be gained by listening other advice’s,it is basically self realization.
It is basically devoid of all other considerations,but it cant be packaged in which a path is devised for individual to suit all and at same time do good for society nation,when its indoctrinated then it gains some elements of politics .
The ideologies propounded and prevalent have political motives also,different structures of governance ,styles and substances etc ,the desire to preserve one particular style of being blocks the way of self evolution and realization in its natural form,ultimately bliss lies in self ,to realize true meaning of golden adages and to free oneself from the cycle of again and again plummeting into that dark hole that darkens ones self.



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