Limited space.




The space is boundless and even Earth is quite vast with huge depth and unlimited bounty regularly en shinning endowing ,soil in itself  enrich with all enrichment what ones ingenuity can perceive.
Yet sometime it appears that human being individually and collectively desires/wishes so much space that accommodating all becomes impossible and starts scramble and grabbing to grab ones space or all space for one,
Human as if wishes to grab all space so that all could be subservient to him and can encash space by letting access to others.
Either it is that human ambitions are so high or that one could not select space suitable/relevant for one so grab whatever is feasible and further human perseverance for growth at all means without considering its short term/long term visible/invisible costs,such penchant further squeeze space.
How much space is sufficient to individuals ,that’s difficult to determine .Unlike animals human vary much lesser in size,texture,basic natural skills ,despite it no uniformity or criteria for adequate space .
What all wants to achieve,sell,dominate in a market place which is stretchable only up to a point only and it becomes game of skills ,resources to grab ones space,the free competition is supposed to benefit society and with globalization one can compete to space available globally ,earlier which was restricted upto ones permissible stretch.
The mad scramble for space is pursued with all means possible,as there is no permanent lease/license with one for perpetuity/posterity and space is open yet access controlled,manipulated and in name of growth manythings are overlooked which open space for unwanted/undesirable element,yet a newer space is created to check them ,control them ,analyse them.
Certainly human has unlimited capacity to stretch space ,create newer space horizons,it can move deep below Earth to another distant to it.and in fairness efforts and access needs to be available with all to showcase their potentialities.

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