What majority craves for is to gain legitimacy for whatever they are doing,so that sense of satisfaction could emerge.It may contain desire to be noticed implicitly or explicitly.
Having the authority to do it,and sounds correct from various angles ,but despite meeting yardsticks from one point of view,yet gaining wider inner and outer acceptance ,basically self bolstering and realization and resultant devolving comfort zone under the aegis of legitimacy. 
Legitimacy for ones action,nature,temperament ,styles and deeds is extracted by many by different means ,according to what suits them or that can camouflage their feeling of sad guilt and can shower drops of vigor in one. 
Legitimacy is cherished by small men to bigger monarchs ,and path available and followed are different,some royal revert to giving back to society and some revert to gaining divine legitimacy in their being and doing and seamlessly perpetuating for themselves and their clan. 
Now newer methods and terminologies to gain legitimacy under the garb of experimentation,innovation and simultaneously methods of interpretations are changed to gain needful.
What one possess but unable to enjoy it robustly ,the issue of being legally eligible to it stalks one and resultant many political,social,individual maneuvers are attempted and nowadays services of some gurus is available ,who grant one status of their disciple and provide the boiling/irritating mind all comfort by practicing to concentrate on present and only to self well being ,for which purging charges does not pinch much.
 Individual path in gaining legitimacy is difficult one particularly when resources material,physical ,metaphorical all are issue of concern that despite being nothing at much wrong becomes too difficult to prove benign to sore eyes around and to satisfy self about it,the  state of affairs ,path traversed etc are result of innumerable factors ,much beyond control and amendable to one ,yet forgiving oneself becomes diffivult.



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