TOTAL [radical]attachment to life.

The plethora of thoughts and mind swinging in different directions ,rotating from one extreme to other and leading to misery ,neither this cause nor that cause could be made sovereign passion philosophy of one and attachment/achievement/clinging to few sole issues is/may surest way of ones enlightenment,it appears convincing that each individual and institution need to have its GOLDEN ADAGE guiding principle and without any deviation in normal circumstances ,all efforts are to be directed toward it to achieve the aim ,no viruses are allowed and one who eliminate these viruses attain nirvana of sort,therefore golden framework of achieving complete devotion with elimination of all obstacles results in immersing in objective ,when everything/much appears as said that one meditating become one in line of meditation.
The boredom has become so much pervasive in present world despite endless explosion of means of entertainment that attachment of totality and its probability becomes so thrilling that one jumps to embrace to gain purpose of life and to laugh at endless efforts of other ordinary being daily struggle of remaining afloat and hardship of daily seeking refinement of viruses that despite all efforts are increasing day by day ,a limit of satisfaction ,a linear line of life leading to it may appear boredom to other but in reality so fulfilling without daily toil to tremain afloat.



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