The science of politics.

The discipline of politics is studied in universities tagged as political science,recently with spate of upheavals all around and hitherto unknown circumstances/environment prevailing leading to great uncertainty about the future course of world in many spheres. 
Now to a layman after deep pondering appears something about politics went wrong,attempted in hubris for self preservation etc leading to chaos.
What could be science in politics whereas in entirety ,it is only skillful conceiving of methods to gain power and to ensure that ones say prevails,whether it for individual,society or nation. 
It has been all politics,may means that say something,appears something,do something else,pretend something else so that others or targeted one remains confused and to further attempt tp divide them ,weaken them so that great misery and confusion always prevails.
As if nothing in politics is at par value,it is much officially about lobbying,one need to convince the one who in position to impact  policy/actions etc of one holding power,and such influences has resulted in actions which are now proving too difficult to reverse.
Further everything is genuine in war and politics,one has to keep inclination of masses in ones favour,without concerns to its cost to society,nation in longer run.
Who has seen tomorrow and attaining power is supreme objective/passion and all pleasing to one. And to attain power one attempt to devise SUITABLE politics to achieve the end,AS IF POLITICAL SCIENCE IS SCIENTIFIC WAYS AND MEANS OF GRABBING POWER ,without any ethical or other consideration,after all it is more than war ,the only difference is that blood not at border posts ,but hearts ,spirits are pierced to gain dominance.



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