Problem solving may be dissolving of problem.

In abstract sense what is problem,what is cause of problem and what is solution of problem is all subjective and relative.
Per se  absolute identification and solution of problem is feasible only in case of fault in machines and such mechanized systems ,rest the things/situation appear different when seen from different perspective and as the vision rotates/matures the situation become less or more pleasant.
The problems need to be dissolved in ,or to say the solid mass of problem [hard core of it ] need to become or caused to become incorporated into a prism to form a solution ,it has to be dissolved in some impartial sphere so that it disappears if it only lies in the mind and is merely a thought and false propagation and therefore not objective not real,hence ensuring the source of problem ,whether it is outside or someone else or individual own notions. 
The irrelevant question  disappear when thoughts flow in proper direction much questions/apprehensions evaporates,the crux lies in dissolving problem so to view it all parts and causes so as to know real problem and that process may invoke sanity ,when one understand as individual that its all the way of life and its phases and just one need to view it in perspective.
Problem solving is predicated on identifying problem in entirety and its parts so as to solve it but usually in business etc it is long drawn battle therefore need to dissolve problem so that it does not lead to disaster and tackling it to contain it to make more harmless and in meantime by invoking awakening of masses the balance is perfected/ caused to be in favor of one.



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