Passive aggressive-Gap between anger and silence.

It is sort of passive aggressiveness,finding difficulty in reacting and tackling the issue,and way is to be found between two extremes i.e remaining silent and feeling helpless,letting things to go in all undesired directions or choosing another extreme of shouting,losing patience and lacking skills and will to tackle issue ,and getting out of it hurt and dejected and leaving ones engagement and long term participation to tackle the issue.
The gap between anger and silence is to bridged with assimilating ones energies and mental make up,as all advances will invite reactions and one is scared of some reactions and which one want to avoid and feel jittery about indulging in counter arguments .
The doldrums of weak self  which too much dwell upon various sort of possibilities and confused state consider to either remain silent and pass the buck but again arouse feeling of low worth ,which leads to search for getting the gap between silence and anger bridged.
Reacting timely with authority can restrict undesired outcomes,but to some it’s difficult to find ways to react spontaneously to gain maximum mileage ,and with several factors jostling to repulse with the moments gone in delayed attempts does not usually leads to convey strong image and stopping other advances.
Passive aggressiveness is associated with one with temperament of slower response with lacking that shrewd ness and  sharpness to manipulate and ones with devoid of all niceness

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