People are afraid of intimacy.

To be intimate with self is frightening,the self could be so disturbed and in state of perennial  flux,that that seeking it’s proximity to gain intimacy may lead one to realise the futility of definition of real deep inner and outer comfort,rather it’s more worthwhile to be ignorant,so busy by any means,so that involvement is stretched in many direction,leading to more comfort of being intimate with varied surface.
Intimacy requires perfect understanding with whom one is intimate with ,and to listen and understand other appears so frightening that it may lead to evaporation of all intimacy that one is cherishing.
Intimacy may yield all sides and it’s upon one to find finer points out of it,and dwell other with the satisfaction of being understood.
Things that appears nicer from colored glass or distance ,may not be so without it,and proximity could make things much more near to ordinary and the charm in whole process and relationship could start to vain,one was much ordinary at least from ones own inner self and to gain something extraordinary one has ventured to a object tantalising,which could fill the void of one and the prospect of void being omnipresent takes away the zeal to fill voids,therefore rather then venturing from intimate angle,i ts more appealing to proceed from angles in distance.
The response is sensitive and it could evoke strong reactions and cause big setback to the milestone achieved so far,may be reaction in that form due to attitude problem,but how to get understanding prevailed ,when expectations are so high,first of all a ground work to tame down expectations is needed to be complete to the satisfaction of all concerned.



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