Cultural wars in organisation.

The culture of organisation sometimes wavers with whims of its generals ,who originates their own unique distinct style of functioning and tackling of issues .Further with feeling of being more important in organisation and to derive more importance in organisation ,its commanders create nuances and unique way of functioning in organisation ,so that others sections/departments cant match them and that style /culture they want to preserve for themselves and do not much want interaction between different arms of organisation to make it composite culture.Its also to generate a feeling that this section could not be handled by another officers and to highlight its difficulties etc so as to preserve ones own position.

Organisation to succeed need composite culture and full interaction between its different arms and not the practice of leg pulling and blaming each other for the state of affairs,and such commanders indulge in larger game to even get hold of chief executives to  make them part of their unique culture ,that leads to sorry state of affairs ,because ideally the chief executives should be devoid of any culture particular,but they ought to create a space which all other likes to belong. 
For avoiding this sort of war within organisation ,the chief executives should define clear code of conduct/values etc which they want to preserve and to grow into corporate culture,apart from defining clear values/norms ,the attitude/actions etc that are applauded should also be defined to employees,with hammering of non-adherent.



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