One enriches more with good experiences..

Rather than consumables,the experiences are more fulfilling and lasting,and to some creating memories is more satisfying then just succumbing to material needs even half formed plans results in full blown experiences.
Idealism is being replaced by an honest acknowledgement of ones emotions.
The phrases catches attention and certainly highlight the importance of good experienced,but few issues crop up ,how to gain experiences ,to wander ,travelling and travelling to the extent of addiction,now a days as if it has become fashion to adore oneself as traveller and to feel proud in nurturing a great elitist hobby,definately travelling is good only to a limited extent,a yearly routine with a fixed source of budget and what is more important regularly is that to identify good places nearby ,and identify other indoor destination etc which could be frequently enjoyed in company of your friends in weekends and evenings ,that saves time and money enhance ones spirit and productivity,unlimited wandering is fraught with all sort of dangers and financial blunders and frequently may result in sad memories.
As if ones who are uprooted from their roots and could not cherish with surrounding people remain on perpetual journey of placed,as if they do not have temerity to face same faces and structure again ,it could be a sort of avoidance and having full developed notion about prepared for worst and in that scene what few bright spot turns out ,they are enjoyed.
Experiences are everywhere,one need a ground and preparedness to store and gather experiences and put them in hierarchy of liking to be used in proper way to ignite one amid other situation also and again allow to return to the basics.
One had seen water falls etc in that remote part,but not seen beautiful small falls and places nearby,one wants to see culture at that other part of world ,but sadly hardly understood and seen the culture prevelent in ones nearby lanes,human life is small,and to understand is so vast,if one could understand self and surrounding and contribute a bit to ones surrounding could provide real joy and adventure,one who are escapist tend to move on wheels endlessly,who had no stability as if in all their spheres.



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