The wearable commands.

It is there that  information technology has moved from bulky computers to convenient laptop and from there to I pads /smartphone that has increased convenience to great extent ,and helped in better connectivity and mining of data.
Now it is said that this meagre weight and hassle of getting it out of pocket and giving command would vanish soon,and in future technology would be activated by just wishes and desires.
That certainly look nice and it may empower humanity to newer heights ,when much /all will happen by just desires but it somehow look strange that such technology will how face the human volatility/fickleness ,as human tend to change ones desires so often and remains do confuse that new wearable technology could in itself get confused or with empowered with artificial intelligence such technology will advise human to understand what he wants ,in a way to get the man understand what he wants ,what human has not been able to understand despite millions of year of evolution ,now would be achieved through these technologies who would just act on desires/wishes and these intelligent technology would help man in understanding self and planning/shaping self.
With so easy access ,what would be ramifications,that are strange,whether it would lead to explosion in desires or saturation of human desires in more mature manner,when such intelligent tech devices would interact among themselves ,they would curse their weak,foolish masters and some may feel that there life has been spoilt in handling such big fool.



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