Time element in universe.

Like Earth ,universe  also has time or not ,that is being explained by astrologers,yet value of time may be different at different,star,planets.as all planets do not rotate Sun/their parent star in same time duration/period,as it may also be due to fact that distance of planet differs from Sun amidst many other factor .
Further it is only time description and its measurement in context of solar system. and these solar system might also be subject to  time dimension of their galaxies as they are member of it and further with its integration to universal time.
 It is also said that time is for and has relevance  to only living being who are given the task of journey and continuous examination and in the part of universe where there is nothing as living being ,time could not exists there  .
Either also time is constant as it is seed that is subjected to its destiny ,time is different for seed sowed now and that sowed earlier as they are under different time cycles within the constant time and for the planet Earth time would be moving as per universal time frame.
Further all stars and universal structured may not have the stability like Sun ,they may be wobbling and moving in haphazard manner ,so time might be fluctuating in such structures of universe ,what ever it may be but time is as if one of the biggest enemy for living being ad it’s passage subject them to cycles and cause misery,and creates uncertainty the way it may unfold and as living being are subjected to many needs.

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