International Politics.

As usual the international politics is mired in mis-trust among nations and unwillingness to leave narrow concerns /desire to dominate international causes rather than to tackle them on basis of genuine consensus.
Further international politics are much governed/effected by domestic politics and often to tackle domestic issues and to divert attention of masses from real domestic ailments/failure ,the international/foreign policy is so shaped/squeezed.
Basically all rulers are more concerned to retain their leadership locally ,because their existence and individual survival depends on that,therefore sometimes no serious attempt made for lasting solutions,rather let simmering certain issues to evoke emotions,for example-Kashmir issue or many other petty border issues remaining unresolved for decades.
The domestic angle/compulsions do not allow to initiate meaning ful conversation and pragmatic consideration,as locally opposition parties and other vested groups attempt to milk advantage out of all initiatives by finding fault in it and to gain mileage.As public is made to disdain so called enemy nations,for example India and Pakistan shares same culture,language,history etc but these commanilities are not allowed to gain traction in mind of populace and rather vested interest want that there is no interaction between population of two countries in any form i.e culturally,business ,educations etc.As rulers rightly understand that if open interaction is allowed than mistrust will vanish quickly and large scale alignment and other benefits detrimental to them may emerge. 
More so in earlier era of scarcity ,foreign policies were shaped to ensure long term supply of scares resources to their own populace for example united state and other developed world framed their gulf policy to ensure uninterrupted oil supply ,further foreign policies seeks to address nations concern for scarce metal and other resources,promoting businesses various trade blocks are formed,they serve multiple concern ,firstly a sort of bloc [Like N A TO etc]helps in tackling rival block economically,financially thereby giving edge in military power and diplomatic initiatives.
Trade blocks and other sort of unions are formed to enhance prosperity among themselves,which is not per se deterimental to all other nations,but usually all willing nations are not included and some are left deliberately ,Europian union is formed with single currency with uninterrupted travel ,business among all member nations border to advantage of member nations.
Such trade blocks provides numerous advantage to business among themselves but sometimes  detriment to others,like a newer south Asia trade block may allow business among members duty free and due to it Vietnam may may be able to export huge textile goods to united staate to huge dis advantage to India on implementation of that pact.
In the last decade international politics has been played by some dominant countries by excluding other nations and international institutions were bypassed to initiate various actions ,without seeking approval from international institution  and building consensus and ensuring participation of  all/majority countries,like various invasions by NATO etc.
Further the differences among major economies /world powers is not letting early and lasting solutions of various burning global issues like terrorism and other civil wars,the civil war at syria is is being abated by different groups ,as there is no consensus among different stake holders/participants,with Russian involvement matter has become more complicated ,further different countries in gulf etc are secretly adding/abetting their proxies/chameleons ,thereby delaying early and lasting solutions,if all major involved parties and groups etc jointly pursued a common aggression ,things could have been much easier to tackle.

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