Crude comments may not always be that crude.

Some are more outspoken and are more open to dwell  in any territory and basically may have inclinations towards seeking/pronouncing out rightly rigid often crude solutions.
 When the binge continues, the flow of comments pour/flow in any direction whether relevant or not and whether they address the issue which one wish to address.
But basically sometimes they also contains the essence of deeper complicated issues and here the approach matters ,some are more positive and feels that time would address issues and solutions would automatically be there and  may not be any cause to be panic now and make crude comments ,which could also spoils the chances of its sou  motto solutions as problems could also be observe sensitive.And could further complicate issues already sensitive .

But factors of change and resultant destiny cant be totally altered,rather making it worse therefore better to integrate issues in available structure and let newer structure evolve with good points and practical pragmatic form/shape.

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