Computer devoid age.

Recently chief executive of leading M
C [multi national corporation]has stated that he see that in future the present era devices may disappear and technology may become personal assistant to individual ,always with one. 
 While it appears that as personal assistant tech may help immensely to humans to improve their relations,what happens is that men reaction and tone and tenor itself determine the fate of ones relationship, as human mind remains burdened with numerous issues and further state of body impacts one capabilities to react positively to meet the expectation of others ,and it makes other disappointed as humans are too sensitive to reactions and cant judge the seriousness or rationale behind particular reaction  ,and aptly generate counter reaction and forming of notions about each other.
 The future technology as ones assistant will suitably judge other intentions  and sensitivity and advise one to be cautious and prevent generation of automatic responses which reflects ones state of being at particular juncture and thereby enable to avoid getting loose the hell in matter of understandings and getting hurt feeling down and resorting to counter reactions to hurt other ,all just based on ones understanding ,the technology may help greatly in evolving understanding and controlling undue reaction and avoiding chain impacts.
Future smart humans will seek assistance of wearable tech ,which will always be with him to assist at all times in decoding other advances/utterances and generating most suitable response with appropriate composure ,thereby controlling much setbacks in understanding and strengthening ones relationship to add chances of retaining most compatible ,that way technology may directly/indirectly help one in understanding self and ones irrationality/follies and foolishness much before they spoils ones life much,understanding helps in controlling,moment is passed ,many times whole buck is passed,and further with timely cautioned by technology about reactions ,things may be more in better shape for future human.

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