All weather alike.

It sounds somewhat strange that how all weather could be termed equally astonishing ,the rainy season,lush green surrounding ,hills,lake etc dancing and romancing and ones hearts plunge into all out effort to immerse in the calls of nature and to derive pleasure ,yet at another sphere where warm/humid wind blowing ,dense clouds ,but not raining and then despite being all green surroundings ,ones individuals feelings of surrounding changes and it all can become suffocating.
In summer with hot air and few patches left on ground ,pres pirating days and night ,the surrounding four walls could not cool till even at setting of arrival of morning band days of brazen lackluster clouds with dry air ,neither pleasant morning nor setting dusk comfortably visible,no direction ,nor pleasant sunshine etc ,it makes one uneasy too all other matters as well.
To escape the vagaries of such nuances and day to day impact on ones performance/mood ,human invented accessories ,which ones installed make all the four weather equally shinning in ones four wall ,temperatures are controlled ,moisture controlled ,scenic beauty on wall controlled ,it give even look throughout year and when sailing out of home comfortable mean of transport with controlled air temperature and surrounding prevent distractions,lucky ones with control of all variables could be in better position to avoid distractions ,generate distraction and nurture distractions,much of the search is complete with one surrounding in shinning four walls.
Certainly as said ,man must learn to enjoy all four weathers and not get desperate too easily by strange excuses ,therefore to give meaning to too much to small daily events /surrounding in natural nature or human made environment to control various natures surrounding and to prevail upon all eventualities to feel the same cool breeze in all changing season  could be advisable recipe to remain in high spirits.
Deriving of too much meaning of pleasure or gloom by undue interpretations ,fluctuating fluctuations ,cant/may not lead to healthy balance ,and just yearning full years for few astonishing days not a pleasant scene ,but to make whole year with same visible colors ,which do not fade and allow setting boredom/gloom and sets perennial  fragrance,perpetuity ,regularity and comfort ,to get-up with equal comfort to go to bed.

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