Cold war.

As if conflicts are given/created of different hues ,to fill the basic need of creating somewhat confusion and bolstering self supremacy by demeaning others views/concerns,which may usually be not always be much relevant,after all a particular style of activity/governance etc cant be enforced unilaterally ,may be due to different level of traditions/culture and prevailing long precedents and quality of leadership/history of leadership,and it becomes more important to create a homogeneous society ,mass education,liberal general conscience etc and whatever form of rule provides it ,could be considered satisfactory,as when one see some large populated countries who adopted democracy ,where population was totally uneducated and immersed in old irrelevant and regressive mentality ,no major gain accrued to general population ,the level of poverty,education and development has not yet pervaded all part of populace.
To create issues so that attention of populace is diverted to them,but its more important to consider longer term implications and other benefits and stability that is there in whatsoever form.
The war is there but not out in open frontiers,but hidden /concealed in all actions/reactions/support to weaken other part which is at cold war with each other,after all nurturing and expansion of disgruntled elements can cause major impact/trouble,a centralized structure of control /a body with a common shared values that generates more controlled structure,stability is much needed,a stable structure is major requirement in major part of world ,which is illusive in large parts,the arger benefit of stability is much more relevance then theoritical ideal concepts, 

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