Evolution……………………………. .

It has been long journey for human species to evolve in this form after passing through rigors of lac of years,from species of four legs a branch of two legs emerged that too refined gradually to attain present physique and brain with this level of potentialities.
The language emerged sometime before writing emerges ,prior to that it was  oral recitation only and civilization in present form started establishing few thousand years back with growth  in population and somewhat wide settlement in some parts ,it appears that when civilization started gaining momentum ,some spoting  opportunities established their trademark for belonging and reverence,hence the journey of Earth has been too long ,but journey of human being in present form is quite recent to attain maturity and industrial revolution started only in 1800 A.D.
Now with gaining much wisdom ,individuals attempting to evolve further ,both in individual and societal spheres .
The journey has been long and tedious ,atleast now attained requisite knowledge to make life comfortable and to ponder on further  evolution to attain perfect realization of self and causes of distress and devising attaining that control to control distracted state and views etc. 
No supernatural force appears to have smooth en life of human being earlier nor expected later on ,it is evolution in physical and subtle way over times and individuals consistent efforts to find out what that remains to be found to attain much.  

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