Gravitational waves destabilizing universe.

It has last been finally settled that gravity also generates waves and there is thing called 
gravity waves.After all the Earth is moving round in a particular path around Sun for im memorial time ,that might have been controlled by Sun through by its gravity waves,now much game of rules may change as there may be active players identifying such waves and diverting/modifying such waves to change the destiny of history being repeated again and again.  
Further the stability of universe might be somewhat due to adjustment/alignment of gravitational forces of multiple stars/planet/solar system/galaxies etc,as Sun may be controlling Earth path through its gravitational waves ,and some other authority of galaxy might be controlling Sun through its gravitational waves,that alignment may now be at risk,which might already been shaky, as all big union of such terrestrial mass/material are avoiding each other and flying away from each other to some safe unknown destination. 
It could be at the verge of unearthing divine ploy under which all mass/material are given /feeded secret codes waves ,same may now be attempted to change its direction as quantum change may be difficult.
Each human has as if its own gravitational waves through which it attempts to control its existence/life,such force may be varying and not totally static,and may depend upon some virtues of inherent birth,some added by environment,some added by authority one got to exercise over self and other by mastering its art or virtue of speedy climb-up.The so called mighty who consider themselves unshakable may now be under threat as some may attempt to destabilize their gravitational waves more effectively,as humans know this filed for long and as if always indulge in game of increasing ones gravity and reducing/sabotaging others gravitational field for their advantage or due to sheer humanly feelings/emotional envity etc. 

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