That has given the meaning.

That has given the meaning,what that has been followed vigorously ,with passion to adhere,follow not to question ,not to go to rationale /logic and in maze of confusion ,it had been not easy and no more confusion to add more ease to what that not appear easy.
The what that meant in meaning ,all the meaning that was there from end to start ,whether in existence or not in existence ,it pervades uninterruptedly ,the confusion has gone ,purpose has established. 
The directions are established ,color/fragrance mixed in appropriately to suit the rising Sun ,melting days and night ,glowing stars and moon ,all the passive turns into impassive ,all inaction into action ,all lethargy into zeal ,all confusion/dithering evaporates ,the nasty obstacles gives way to smoothness ,silvery/silky path of perfection ,the ultimate path of comfort/ease/tranquility.
That has taken the pain of interaction ,interacting with self /others and with existing and non-existing entities ,creating ghosts/invoking ghosts ,speeding the trolls to encircle in smog of confusions,confusions and confusions spoiling the natural surfaces.
The time goes but seen impact only outer periphery ,which belongs to interpreter of meaning ,one is always the same as one was without any beginning or end ,it neither begins nor ends ,it goes on perennially with changes that when deciphered properly establishes the same simple existence without complexity/difficulty. 
The mood is upbeat/somber in its actual true shape of its entity ,the swings are wild ,to lose its wilderness ,to become devoid of pranks/pricks ,to let enjoy the steadiness of going up and down,moving here and there and swinging in swings of perfect harmony.

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