They were retired,
As if they were,
tired all the way,
and now again/afresh,
Got re-tired,
Tired again after,
Remaining tired for long,
The so long tiredness,
Resulted in accumulation,
Which now no longer,
could be added more to it,
Now to give-up,
By re tiring to,
hazy daily chores,
To give more time,
To get at root of tiredness,
That has engulfed wholly,
To entangle the multiple forces,
Pulling in different directions,
To get different aspects,
At different distance,
And one aspect at one point,
As now retired,
Tired to understand complexity,
Tired to acting artificially,
Laughing artificially,
Unable to understand,
The origin of arrow/sorrow,
Floating all around,
Getting rid of war zone,
Getting out of war zone,
Giving up the wars,
Fighting on multiple fronts,
Without multiple faces/forces,
Bearing /facing the wreath of all,
The flames of candles,
Dithering wildly,could extinguish,
That has to be persevered/stabilized. 

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