The resolute Tree.

Standing in Sunshine/Moonlight watching blowing desperate wind with wayward motivations ,it sometimes as if just want to ruffle the surface and many times carries mist,cold or scorching heat  to impact miserably all that comes in its contact ,it also blows with intangibles in its offing raising nostalgia,sadness,happiness with small /scents of intangibles that hurts/haunts intangibles lying in its range ,the grand tree is witness to all such from time immemorable unable to grasp the rationale behind desperate swings of hearts and its feelings from one extreme to other ,from most pleasant-where all appears to belong to one to where nothing belongs to one. 
The grand tree wilts,zooms,swings with the changes in feeling generated by surrounding weather ,it stands still yet impacted by routine /regular changes albeit at a interval in a consistent manner ,but it is standing firm in day and night in shrill/shreaks  of wilderness pondering the bubbles-The bubbles which has no stable existence of either tangible nature or intangible nature ,yet so inclined to all false inclination that causing rustles so deep that grand tree starts shaking with blowing winds.
A color/trend is poured inadvertently or advertently not easily changeable despite no concern of its usefulness ,it surges ahead in direction of directionless ,that all efforts are effected by seldom few to fructify to them but the masses grind in weakness of self and systems. 
The grand tree sees no meaning with striving to embrace stillness in changes brought by day and night ,rainy,winter,summer seasons sensing all one and same ,remaining resolute ,it sense nothing like other tangibles sensing wayward ,directionless,self inflicting wounds all time.

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