Fearless. to Fear.

The fear lies in the limitations all pervasive,a structure of body enables human ,which has its own sets of limitations.
Further the space under which body to function has its limitations i.e time,climate and all sort of terrains.
Most importantly that is created by human is that in individual pursuits of security ,develops such customs and structure of belief with endowing with own unlimited sanction of being challenged makes the vast humanity and its posterity to live under the shadow of it.
Further the shield created by individual to defray all sense of security ,which also develops and nourishes varios attachment,but generally all attachment proves futile to provide any sort of shield,ultimately it appears that individual fear generates from not being synchronized with ones prevailing environment and being too serious about happening and giving them meaning and color of good,bad,gain and losses etc.
The pursuit of those things that may provide sense of purpose,passion,relevance is usually judged under the false impression of model of others .
The model of other before desiring to emulate    cant be evaluate without that man feelings,but human despite being internally failed always  try to project outside in perfect state.
Some despite being externally much secured ,having access to all basic requirements yet internally feels insecure,that is judgement of self with regards to ones potentials or competition with ,comparison with others.
With scientific measurement of state of ones being could help much ,simultaneously better human relations in which no expectation and envy generated are to be searched,further one may attempt to calm ones senses with seeking divine blessing and getting such surrounding.

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