Artificial natural intelligence.

To make world heaven ,human intelligence alone cant tackle all issues,a spacecraft is sent to Moon and communication with that spacecraft from earth probably riding on waves of lights etc is made feasible ,but it at first instance looks strange that the controlling infra at earth and systems at spacecraft can ensure informations/communication on track between them,some hackers may attempt and system formed denotes that there is possibility of communication willingly or unwillingly,knowing  or unknowing can happen to any part of universe,but when meanings are added to it with self prominence/dominance the character of all informations/communications change.

Now huge/unbelievable communication is happening and even humanity itself communicating to each other in era of devices,apps,technologies is quite large that cant be simply monitored by humans with their intelligence alone ,but certainly artificial intelligence that is aligned to natural smartness and with basic weaknesses,inclinations etc of humans can track vast datas of communications to catch signals to check mattes/things going in wrong directions.
Certainly artificial intelligence should be made smart enough to visualize what is in interest of humanities existence and survival and its smooth conducting of affairs.
Self interest,which comprises of individuals and their associations tries to subvert real meaning and most appropriate actions,an intelligent artificial intelligence can track trends,tendencies to invoke mild to moderate reactions of check.
Further it need to be ensured that such artificial intelligence is used in deserved matters/scenes and too much use for commercial purposes beyond a point is futile ,as a given number of people at particular place cant have consumption beyond point but it could only be waste albeit production could be unlimited ,that could be sent for consumption to needy thereby accumulating wealth.
For example , a website may classify all its user according to their individuals predilections and with a robust software tracking could be attempted to conserve global stability and peace. 
Construction and deconstructions are attempted by humans in pursuit of vicious liking of dominance with their natural intelligence which is not aligned with larger and long run stability ,same could be better taken help from natural intelligence which is supported by artificial devices to prove their relevance and renegate the feeling of proving wrong by fellow humans.

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