Management is practising professional spiritualism.

The spirituality is believed to help individuals to attain their supreme purpose ,align body,psyche,mind  to attain perfect balance with earthy as well as celestial existence and to live and die in rhythm with rolls of drum ever beating heard consistently with attention despite muffled obstructions peeking.
The task of managing could be in hand of individuals or multiple channels of associated peoples in rough terrain of distraction and fiercely competing elements wishing to grab the pie to their advantage. 
PURPOSE-The finding/deciding of purpose is one of the essential task and to stick to purpose in ones journey ,control deviation and attaining goal is contemplated to be achieved by managing self /organisation with will,leadership ,system with systematic approach etc.
MANAGING AS PERVADING SPIRITUALITY AROUND- In modern times individuals collaborate with each other more in man made structure’s to achieve business or other developmental goals ,rather than associating in cloisters and singing hymns. As the traits that are useful to individuals to advance in spiritual path are also useful in survival and progression of organisation.
To manage one need all foresight,vision,persistence etc further monitoring,to remain within desired/permissible range ,remaining vigilant to all changes happening in surrounding and to learn lessons from past and visualize future.
In earlier era individuals themselves used to be complete organisation/institutions ,but now individuals are part of organisation and their many concerns are taken care by various other org,as pension funds take care of pension ,insurance take care of uncertainties/medical expenses ,therefore man has become less self centered and more centred in collective endeavors ,that can take care of ones concerns/fear and thereby allowed to enjoy freely the romance of wealth /music/art and literature.
The guanine purpose in which all stakeholders are to benefit is purpose of management and further to remove all sort of inefficiencies whigh caste waste and dilution/diversions are to be checked,so as to remain on right path with vigor /satisfaction,ultimately satisfaction to all employees in meeting their ends and contributing to masses by their products /services ,getting recognition for organisation ,with organisation and society recognizing achievers /delivers makes satisfaction go deep down ones spine heading to mind/head  to generate perfect balanced understanding of actions /deed and their results.

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