How to melt in time [Melting of time]

Time has devolved its limit on all living being ,as well Time in collusion with D.N.A’S of all living being sets biological time frame/zone/status and pattern of biological decay,thereby as if the controlling authority /generating authority of all living species is Time and it is only real force visible that is universal and totally binding.  
One is attuned to time ,it makes one mentally and physically healthy,as all anxieties /concerns real or imaginary generated by Time,due to Time  ,as the bus is ever moving ,one has to learn to board to right Time and leave on right Time ,aligning with Time,its speed ,its rhythms.
The time is not melting,so that he could immerse in it,gets a deep sleep in which moments/things appears from indistinct directions ,that could crystallized the melting of moments/time .
He is not melting in consonance with time,it  gets along with its ruthless nature of speed,but the living one cant melt cohesively,stood firm on illusory grounds,link its softening on others couching ,but hardly other grasp much ,all in search of some pretext for getting melting in consonance with time,some catch games ,real sports or other games of pleasures,many indulge in speculating developments all around searching past ,visualizing future making time lesser burdensome.
The great time is ultimately diminishing living ones but has no such power over the vast universal properties,they are timeless ,exist since so long that time fails to remember ,even may be earlier than when time emerged.
The time are varied ,many-many Times prevailing in universe,at some parts the moment are quite long ,varying everywhere,all the different Suns setting the time limits for its constituents but they are above time,they too melt or not,disperse energy but may gains more energy or not that’s beyond understanding of time.
The moments to become vivid need consonant melting ,to align with regular time,the lags/gaps are to be kept in separate sphere ,the stockpile of relevance or irrelevance to be determined by time on its Time,but in the meantime revert to /align to that basic time frame of tranquility ,that has been made a permanent colleague to accompany.
As if Time is different for different people,it may appear to favoring some /being kind to some whereas harsh to others ,but what appears from outside may not be ideal immersion in Time ,all the natural ways and means ,with deep natural association while adhering natural laws could be the real way of getting Time melting in harmony with all physical and virtual existence.

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