Calling emerges when right calls are entertained.

There is lot of talk nowadays about identifying and pursuing ones calling ,but knowing ones calling is not an easy process as man gets confused by events unfolding to pinpoint calling.
In present times a lot of emphasis is placed on knowing ones calling,so that action could be oriented towards it.
Man has got limited time span and has to pursue and remained engaged in activities that are aligned to ones inherent liking/capabilities ,thereby enabling one to derive satisfaction and pleasure that calms ones all grievances ,anxieties and create perfect harmony with surrounding/nature/deep desires etc.
By pursuing ones calling conscious and unconscious may to a large extent unite to provide their eternal glow on human faces.
But many times it happens that man pursue various objectives /goals,time and again but leading/causing to note that these activities/immersion were not his true calling and again a sense of desperation may emerge.
Therefore to know ones true calling is difficult task and further it becomes complicated by human nature to fall in distractions/temptations and could be further influenced by surrounding /social scenario etc ,In many socities man is not given freedom to identify/choose calling but his whole life events /vocations etc every thing in advance is as if decided from birth.
Further man waste his most of energy /motivation in understanding others ,rather than attempting to understand self and own calling.
Ones calling can emerge nicely when one is concerned too much about self to understand his point of pressure ,where ones happiness/satisfaction/fulfillment lies and phobia/fear/inappropriate indulgence evaporate .
Ones calling can smoothly emerge when one is in understanding and control to entertain right call ,than gradually with passage of time/experience ,understanding ones competences ,inclinations emerge to understand basic calling.
Reality and calls could sometimes be as wide as two opposite horizon ,but it cant take away one privileges to indulge in ones callings albeit may vary that some lucky are pursuing full time ,some part time ,ones vocation may be different to calling but hobbies could be well cherished and pursued at all available opportunities .
One find time and ways to indulge in ones calling ,where in reality basic job is different and gradually may tend nearer ,more focused ,fully indulged in ones calling ,as perfect pursuation may open floodgates of very basic source of calling and two may become same.
Ones calling can manifests in different activities in varying degree performed by one ,that to say that ones creativity in any area casts its mark on all activities performed by one.
Calling may be to understand what one stand for and to identify ones defences to face reality more really.

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