Different sort of sensitivities.

Each living one has different sort of likes,dreams,interest,hobbies and priorities and while interacting with other human cause friction due to not understanding realities of self make-up and difference that may lies in other make-up.
How different perception of human could be,is astonishing and for one what appears most exciting and compelling may not be of much significance to others,Its raining -one is dancing ,want to roam around green track and want to have fun and want/cherish to pass long time with nature,but for some others it may  not be so exciting idea ,and just enough ones,better inside.
Some take things too lightly and casual reactions,getting angry at one moment to get normal next moment may be routine habit ,but many others may be too sensitive and burst in event/activities what other consider as normal.
Many are too flexible and goal oriented and can indulge in huge arguments /debate and could deviate path according to trend and suitability ,but for some such deviations are not easy and cant feel justified/rational and it neither suits them to be so much proactive and trouble taking to address troubles too harshly .
Basically harsher realities may be too harsh to be justified and tranquility,easy approach is natural urge and grooming plus environmental factors ,interactions etc causes difference in sensitivities.
Some succumb to temptation easily and have volatility in habits ,basically reacting to temptation too much ,whereas for some others routine is much more sacred and temptation could not tempt at all points ,and are kept pondering to be again and again analysed lately in limited so way.
Some get disturbed at events/happening in other corner of world by viewing in newspaper etc and get indulge in drawing many sort of meanings to calculate distance of danger engulfing many surroundings.
The individuals sense of things is different ,so is reaction/approach ,there is hardly any generality that could emerge and form general principles to tackle comfortable inter-mixing.

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