The concept of the Concepts.

The concepts are grounds on which issues /matters are tested to determine their worth.
A concept is more than mere idea and backed/explored by a particular school of thoughts.
The concepts are set of notions based on particular logic or methodology.
The notion based on particular variable  is called concept.
The issues in world are complex and have different aspects and ways to tackle them called concepts ,as no single mean can offer guaranteed success/solutions.
The concepts too evolve gradually and may denote various time periods/horizons and based on particular beliefs of that time.In that way concepts too evolve with time ,understanding,clues emerging from time to time.
In this world,its finest creation -the humanity is most complex creation ,which is highly sensitive to oneself and ones in nearby and else ,besides further being too much susceptible to clinging of particles of environment at any stage of ones life consciously or unconsciously .
Be it spiritual,organisational,social,individual,national,international economics issues ,the handling of things is complex,competitive and time bound,further the ever changing scenario and the issues of which no definitive answers available e.g the universe,the human evolution,civilization ,nobody for sure knows actual path traversed.
Further social sciences,psychology,philosophy etc ,the issues has multiple aspects and subjective,of which no single cause could be attributed,therefore reasoning and analysis is based on concepts.
Concepts may be individualized ,and it could be an idea of what something is or how it works,something conceived in ones mind and perpetuates as general notion or idea, and it could be that idea of something is formed mentally but combining all its characteristics and details with added flavor of ones intuition,predilections,understanding etc.And sometimes concepts are abstracts or generic ideas generalized and prevails as general idea or understanding of something .
An original/abstract  idea which forms individual or mass mental frame which is evolved with experiences of individual/societies/organization etc and sometimes it excels with transformation of existing ideas.   

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