Changing multiple climates.

Climate change is issue of most significance ,which may cause innumerable hardships to humanity ,and may lead to inviting disasters.
Further many other significant changes lies in horizon,as evident from global present and future demographic patterns with social parameters.
Some parts of world may start to experience shortage of labor with high expenses on pensions etc ,wheres in other parts there is baby boom and with  disturbing aspect that of no much availability of proper education,facilities etc,that may lead to creation of huge uneducated,  poorly nourished population.
Even presently in developing world more than three quarter of population is unemployed with hardly much basic facilities,more than half population is involved in agriculture,about seventy percent population residing in villages.
People in some parts of world are accustomed to live in hugely crowded sphere all around,with barely seven percent of land mass of globe in India but even currently having more than seventeen percent of world population,which is exponentially growing,some states  are having average age of around twenty,
With growing technology and automation ,more and more jobs are slated to be curtailed,with such sort of trends to grow in demographics may have capacity to undo all gains in this part of world or that part of world. 
Hostile climate of poor human right records,other social parameters could provide high breeding ground for disruptive elements.
Control and some semblance of authority could be establish only with average people not having  too much discontent, and are in some way attached to mainstream of country,good leadership and historical factors etc may had somewhat not let things out of totally out of hand ,but with advanced gadget with huge unproductive crowd may have dire consequences for humanity,therefore things need to be analysed with innovative corrections.
The demographics needs to be stabilized around globe,nature may have much resilience to tackle absurdities caused by human,certainly be with cost .When humanity enters twenty second century it should be with balanced human capital well educated with gadgets and relevant concepts.
Innovative means to engage mass humanity needs to be devised,human have learned ways and means to generate wealth,means,productivity in all sphere of gross domestic products.Further forces of disruptions needs to be tackled jointly by all major powers to not let them raise their ugly head.
Further with newer technology,much of electricity could be produced without causing pollution,automobiles pollution could also be feasible to check,so in other areas,but concerted leadership of world leaders would be essential to reach goals of controlling unfavorable climates.


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