Some multitasking may be ..

Human may by nature has some capacity to simultaneously do different things,like one is talking to other and at the same time one is thinking about someone else and also simultaneously pondering about the wisdom/rationale/implications of doing/happening.Thereby it appears that man basically need multi pronged activity/platforms to engage which satisfies self.
The human resource people usually tries to face problem related to lack of concentration of employees,which impacts their output,and strive to tackle it with providing multiple/useful engagement ,which allows employees to better concentrate and improved performance/productivity.
Basically all works involves multiple action by one i.e for ex- feeding inputs in computer,at same time checking feeded inputs and correction thereof,simultaneously considering inputs suitability and relevance to core aim of this particular function being performed by one in generating output/analysis etc.
The core fundamental of multitasking may involve identifying relevant activity to multi task ,which would energies one and extricate more output,further individual capacity and suitability is also  relevance factor while assigning task to employees.
In individuals life ,ones failure to co-relate different task and simultaneously pay attention to different aspects i.e official life ,personnel life,family life,social life and individual life creates chaos in ones life and makes ones life miserable.One need to learn to absorb some negativity ,setbacks etc while paying due attention to other task ,so that all is not derailed and after getting it right may attempt to address other sore issues.
The human mind hardly stick to single issue at a time and with no positive re enforcement ,it wander in irrelevant and disastrous territories,thereby loosening ones own control and being engaged in tasks ,which one may not venture otherwise.One is writing,checking and simultaneously evaluating its relevance/consequence,thats the multiple task one is performing while writing.

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