Leaving big issues for small.

Generally in a world of individual,organisation,society,state etc  are full of multiple issues at a particular time,which makes it difficult to choose and necessary resources,capacities etc are not there to tackle all simultaneously further one is not inclined to put hand in many hornets nest at a time ,as capacity to absorb,sustain,face is limited with a view to preserve basic survival/security.
Therefore a choice is usually made by taking up bigger issues with understanding that when bigger issues taken care of,it would not be difficult to address smaller issues or when bigger issues are tackled,smaller issues may automatically be off.
Issues are issues and what is big issue and which one is small is decide by individual and all individuals may differ in ranking issues,so may be case of governments,organisations ,society etc.What usually happens that what suits to one,due to innumerable pre-disposition etc ,the decision to venture out in that direction is thrust ed  upon all stakeholders.
The size of issue and significance of issue may sometimes be different things,Generally in politics weight age is given to issues that may have impact on larger constituency ,whereas longer run impact sometimes becomes secondary issue.
 Issues bigger in significance are left for issues bigger in size/impact and it may also be debatable that one may say that issues of immediate concerns ranks above all other matters /issues. And what satisfy masses is issue of importance.
Sometimes ,a foray in uncharted territory is planned ,so that attention from all issues could be diverted to avoid trouble of choosing /implementing and avoid the chances of un success in handling issues.
Issues are product of circumstances,past preferences,selecting future preferences etc,but some have marvelous capacity to make no issue a main issue,to put all other issues to oblivion and prop up a new theme ,in which all other gets submerged is sometimes perfected by managers/leaders/politicians.
What to leave what to select is difficult issue ,however it is attempted by priority and a plan that in this manner one by one all issues would be addressed,the strategic road map is of vital significance,and preparing of plan-B simultaneously is also required. 

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