The distractions are created as if with larger design ,so that one is distracted and thereby disallowed to reach his potential and never reaches to its real destinations and importance of all creators,administrators is suitably maintained .
The distractions are of varied hues,unable to distance from them,besides difficulty of identifying them that to what degree they are distraction or helping one.
The inconsistency  leads to derailment and with frequent derailment ,the real time is lost for doing something real and just some illusion ed isolated self creation surrounds one in its deep well ,and some universal virtual creation lives in its some sort of hypnotized state of existence,which even is not available in real space for some real solace.  
Today is everything much real,but such many today’s combined together leads to drowning of emerging series of tomorrows ,and even the slightest understanding that what has gone wrong remains illusive ,from where one has lost track and gone done in labyrinth of exploration of futility.
Sometimes a deluge of supernatural events occurs,a tsunami,storm,quake,volcano  and it combine with man made trend of increasing of temperature all around and than such distraction in a particular part of one/land resonate and cast their impact in all parts/sphere. 
Some distractions emerges in disguised form,when from far they appear most soothing one ,but when entries are made/given the real impact  emerges with such torrent that where it may proceed ,the force of it and what it is uprooting in its way cant be visualized to let remain all the services provider well in their business and flourish. 
Sometimes some elements are called to cure malice ,as it is sometimes said that iron cuts iron ,and deep web of frozen ice may melt with introducing more water [cold and hot] ,daily analyse the result/impact,one day it appears to be on track and other day it appears all lost,till final surrender is made to such aberration that ones control on steering ones own path is lost completely/somewhat.
To understand what human wants,what one himself wants what others want and what environments,surrounding and distractions want,not appears to be much feasible to understand much,till some wise service providers opined that one need to understand that one can turn ones suffering into the cause of introducing growth.So as if its necessary to suffer and then emerge wiser with self help or others help to mitigate the impact of distractions. 

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