Myself to establish me.

Myself to establish me,
In the surrounding,
Of the various extended circle and public,
To gain the solace of ,
my existence,
my relevance,
And to establish myself,
That in the darkest hours,
Of the extreme annoyance,
Of the extreme purposelessness,
Some purpose may emerge from back ground,
To try to persuade that,
Am in the process of establishing,
In the somewhat established world,
Tried to establish relentlessly,
For the time immemorial,
But could not judged,
The everchenging surface beneath,
Could not judged the,
Sound/direction/severity of arrows,
So to be able to get compatible Armour,
So that wearing it,
Could have emerged established,
By un establishing some to create space,
So that limping moments,
Could establish firm,
On pedestal so high,
That feeling gets empowered,
So that rough journey,
Turns into a,
Perfect/balanced/permanent utopia.

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