The darkness got so dark.

The darkness got so dark,
That all lamps glow,
The scary rays of light,
Abandoned hope to glitter,
The wind blow waywardly,
Frightening the trees,
Birds in the nest,
Neither the baby bird,
Nor the mother bird,
Could grasp anything,
Whats happening,
Whats going,
What has descended on horizon,
To shatter the all here,
Shrieks and shrieks of,
All organics and inorganic,
Crescendo getting darker and darker,
As if some black hole,
Trying to engulf newer territory,
Time has lost meaning,
Eternity has colluded with time,
And as if time stopped moving,
Demons lurking from all sides,
All issues got buried,
All chasm evaporate,
All conversations lost meaning,
As the journey toward,
Deep black hole accelerated . 

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