Human is of finite nature..But ..Is mental and intellectual capacity finite/

The existence of humanity is perpetuated by succession ,the concept of going entity,[perpetual existence]where next generation becomes trained by parents and their societies to carry the tradition,old learning,beliefs and to preserve basic cultural theme propounded by their forefathers ,to make humanity eternal albeit faces changes at regular intervals.

Individuals have finite existence ,therefore viewed in this context all capacities of human could be termed accordingly ,but it is co-creating the next generation ,it is like human live and simultaneously create and nurture next generation to further perpetuate their beliefs,with not much  flexibility to challenge,thereby making their mental and intellectual capabilities infinite. 
When the baby descend in alien world ,he learn to identify others and self ,to belong and to identify needs and mechanism to fulfill the same.It is clear that each baby begin’s on the structure already existed and as if has to conform to structure ahead.
The biggest bane of humanity has earlier rooted in limitations of human, beings a isolated self and has to learn to connect ,and choices were few to connect and one could connect immediate family /society and culture thereby making his mental and intellectual capacities making physical and intellectual wealth finite because interaction on larger horizon provide chance to refine and to control hubris that their ancestors knows all, but with the advent of technology ,connectivity has grown up and when it will be available to all humans unlimited and cost less ,it may make physical and intellectual wealth infinite.
Many times nothing is more important to human than his immediate life anf gratitude to his family/society /culture that has provided him solace so often ,a purpose,a theme ,a pleasure in depravity.
Until something is limited by its limits cant easily visualize the infinite path and the limits could vanish by total integration of systems/structures.
The isolated different healers has provided different concepts which has influenced different parts ,a truly connected world may evolve definitive healing concept’s drawn from different corners with scientific inputs to make intellectual and mental capacity infinite.

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