Looking for solace or solutions.

The theme resolve around tackling issues  ,at personal level or at professional levels,now one may attempt to find its solution or to find some solace,it could be that if one is looking for a solution one may look for truth and if one is looking for solace ,then it may be yearning for sweet words.
Solutions are meant to provide a lasting,stable and real picture that is permeated with its ingredients to resolve that matter or to decide a stable path of attempting issues ,to find a solution may be a long journey ,to divulge the truth and identify real causes and get it endorsed by surrounding.
One may have to seek solutions on day to day basis in professional and other matters ,as daily new issues crop-up ,newer dimensions emerges and the situation change on daily basis in the fiercely competitive world,therefore the relevant thing remain to find some moment of solace daily and fragrance of such solace to provide necessary impetus to face daily challenges in life. 
One solve a issue and get a solace and simultaneously next issue emerges ,the humans are programmed and forced to daily perform task, seek physical and calm balance and according to rise and setting of day,one to design affairs,in a sense each day is complete sub-circle of life and the solace at night about days events therefore to immerse in deep darkness ,where all meaning lose meaning,as if events are made devoid of meaning,all solutions emerge automatically.
A mathematical problem can be solved ,but in ones life the sum of solace may made up the solution that one has of its adversities that one has encountered while traversing long path of journey.
Lasting and pure solutions are said to be based on truth but isn’t it that the truth is itself evolving.
The humanity as if has not been empowered to visualize the abstract truth ,therefore its always evolving ,solutions that were relevant in older days may not be relevant today.

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