Alignment and engagement as success formula.

As alignment is the logic and structure to execute strategy,And engagement is the desire ,willingness ,motivation to make the structure and processes work.
The policies ,their framework etc need to be aligned keeping in view broader goals , an organization represents the collective desire of all its stake holders to perform well to increase their well being and contribute in growth and progress of society/nation.
A dream/vision ,that is to be down loaded into reality ,need logical explanation of its rationale and desirability ,so that engagement could be drawn,first object that are supposed to be achieved are to be elaborated and a sense of joy/excitement  created around them with all stakeholders.
The implementation is continuously going process and it may have tenure long term and short term,the enthusiasm and directions/spirits are to be maintained and nourished at all phases,the motivation may be re-invented according to times.
Team spirit in these sense is fundamental to all alignment and engagement ,first internal alignment and engagement is to be built so that it could be replicated externally.
The strategy is devised to achieve particular targets/aims in given circumstances within available or perceived means,the strategy needs to be sound enough with taking concern of various eventualities ,soundness of it generates logics and helps in building structure that is most fit to execute it,all are to a extent linked,well begin,well thought,well co-ordinated help in generating engagement and motivation of customer as well as employees.
A sound cause ,sound theme,sound differentiation,with will to create a mark in society,to build a brand ,whose possession,association is motivation to engage and strive for better and better aligning.
Execution is much relevance,it can in perfect state can reinvent to refine strategy on continuous going basis.

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